The Skinny Bacon Avocado & Tomato Egg White

This is a great sandwich to feature after the busy holiday season. This sandwich is designed to be “Delicious Fuel where each ingredient serves a purpose.” The Everything bagel (skinny cut) provides a great flavored carrier for our avocado (superfood), egg whites and bacon for protein. Then partnered with fresh tomatoes and sundried tomato spread for a garden-fresh flavor.


The Super Nova is a classic twist to our menu. Lox (Salmon) dates to the late 1800’s in America. The classic taste of cold-smoked salmon paired with the sharpness of our onion and chive cream cheese and then coupled with the classic garnish of capers (to provide acidity), fresh tomatoes and onions, cucumbers, and smashed avocado to provide texture and flavor all on top of a fresh baked, Sesame Seed bagel. Our salmon comes from both the Norwegian fjords and Scottish waters. The Super Nova will prove to be a destination option for our guests.

Sriracha Honey Sunrise- Fan Favorite

Seasoned fresh-cracked egg, peppered bacon, cheddar cheese, and new sriracha honey cream cheese on a toasted Everything bagel. The sweet heat and creaminess of the cream cheese blends all these flavors together to create a flavor explosion for your taste buds.