The Skinny Bacon Avocado & Tomato Egg White Winter Special

This limited-time-only sandwich features the popular bacon/avocado/tomato flavor profile, but makes it more resolutionfriendly with the addition of an egg white and a skinny plain bagel. Our sundried tomato spread amps up the flavor on this protein-packed powerhouse.

SuperNova Winter Special

Packed with delicious smoked salmon, smashed avocado, tomato, cucumber, red onion, capers, and onion & chive cream cheese on a sesame bagel.

Farmhouse – Fall Special

Farm-inspired and stacked with layers of flavor, the new Farmhouse Egg Sandwich, made with 2 fresh-cracked eggs, slices of savory peppered bacon, ham, cheddar cheese and country pepper cream cheese on a toasted Cheesy Hash Brown Bagel provides a hearty start to the day.

Crispy Chicken & Tater Lunch

This is the first menu appearance for crispy chicken at Bruegger’s, offering guests a new protein option for lunch. A classic deli build of chicken, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and mayo gets an update with the addition of a Cheesy Hash Brown bagel.

Crispy Chicken & Tater Breakfast

This is a hearty breakfast sandwich, from the hash browns on top of the bagel to the fresh egg and new crispy chicken breast. New in-bakery-blended Country Pepper cream cheese adds a new flavor profile as well.

Sriracha Honey Sunrise- Fan Favorite

Seasoned fresh-cracked egg, peppered bacon, cheddar cheese, and new sriracha honey cream cheese on a toasted Everything bagel. The sweet heat and creaminess of the cream cheese blends all these flavors together to create a flavor explosion for your taste buds.