The Bruegger’s


We’ve been kettle-boiling and baking fresh bagels since 1983. Some things never change, and we are fine with that.

SINCE 1983

Tradition you can taste

We’ve been kettle-boiling then baking fresh bagels since 1983. It’s this time-honored method that gives our bagels that shiny crust and chewy inside. One bite, and you’ll feel that satisfying “crunch” followed by the delicious chewiness that only a NY-style bagel can deliver.

Quality Ingredients

The Simpler, the Better

We know the best quality bagel comes from the best quality ingredients. That’s why our recipe calls for only the important ones: flour, water, yeast, malt and salt. Five simple ingredients, that’s all we need.

Only The Finest Ingredients


Made In Vermont

Our cream cheese is something to write home about. Crafted with quality, our thick direct-set cream cheese is the perfect complement to a NY-style bagel. With ten flavors to choose from, including sweet Maple Walnut and savory Bacon Scallion, you’ll find a long list of favorites.


Breakfast, Your Style

Our breakfast sandwiches start with a NY-style bagel and end with total satisfaction. Made with fresh-cracked, cage-free eggs, our egg sandwiches range from the classic with peppered bacon and melty cheddar to the more adventurous like the Sriracha Honey Sunrise or Smokehouse Brisket.

Whatever you choose, it’s going to be delicious.


Make All the Difference

I adore working at Bagel Brands, I truly do. I was so nervous when I first started but my team kindly helped me learn and improve. My team genuinely feels like family and I’m thankful they’re the people I get to work alongside. The guests I assist are always so sweet, people can’t help but walk into our store and feel happier, myself included. I am thankful to be a part of this team. I am thankful for Bagel Brands.
Jaxson C.
Team Member
When I started at Bagel Brands 10 years ago, I felt like I finally found my place in the workforce- a job I was good at and enjoyed. After working various positions within the bakery, I obtained a General Manager position, which further developed my interpersonal skills and business acumen. By utilizing these skills, I later became a Certified Training Manager and helped develop our future leaders. My experience with Bagel Brands has given me the knowledge, tools, and confidence to effectively manage a multi-million-dollar business. I couldn’t be happier with my career path.
Laura T.
District Manager
I have been with the company 4 years ago, starting as a shift lead and am currently working towards getting a GM promotion so I can run my own store. When I started, I came in with a passion to learn. My goal was to be able to support my GM and she has taught me so much. When she takes time away from work, I have the opportunity to use everything she taught me to run the bakery. I love my job and look forward to training new people and seeing our customers. My favorite part of my job is coming in and knowing that I can impact someone’s day in a positive way whether it’s our customers or employees. My goal is to continue to learn and grow within the company so that I can further advance and continue to learn new things.
Steffanie G.
Shift Leader
I started my journey as a General Manager just as the COVID pandemic was surfacing and I immediately was taught the value in change management.  The bakery ultimately started to see some incredible growth and after a few years, I was offered a position as District Manager for my market.  Bagel Brands has been incredible!  From top notch training, to excellent customer service, to business acumen… this company has been an incredible support and truly cares about its employees.  As I continue to learn and continue to grow, the opportunities for further and further advancement are reality… not just something talked about.  I look forward to happy and successful career with this amazing company!
Mike P.
District Manager

READY for Your Bagel Breakfast?


for Your Bagel Breakfast?

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