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Holiday Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar

Holiday Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar


  • Bruegger's fresh baked bagels
  • Bruegger's cream cheese
  • Coffee
  • Hot cocoa
  • Fixings: marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips


Setting up a holiday coffee and hot cocoa bar is very simple. You can use a small spot on your kitchen counter or use your dining table. Set the bar with anything you fancy, the possibilities are endless. I like bagels and cream cheese so I usually get a bagel bundle from Bruegger’s Bagels. The bundle comes with a dozen or half a dozen bagels and your choice of cream cheese. This time of year Bruegger’s has the seasonal cranberry orange bagels which are absolutely delicious and together with the strawberry cream cheese, its a combination made in heaven.

My coffee and hot cocoa bar is very simple but you can go all out by including toppings like whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips. Your guests can have fun making holiday hot cocoa treats while others drink coffee. A few decorations are a great way to create a festive mood in the spirit of the holidays. I used red paper cups, napkins and plates with Christmas prints.

Holiday Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar by Spoons and Stilettos blog.

At Bruegger’s, we’re known for our kettle-cooked bagels and Vermont cream cheese. But we’re also on a quest to provide our guests with menu items that push the culinary boundaries. This recipe features signature staples available only at Bruegger’s Bagels, and hand-crafted with a creative twist that may be made easily at home. So, next time you stop by Bruegger’s for your morning coffee and bagel, grab a tub of cream cheese and a few extra bagels to create one of these masterpieces at home.

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